1 × 184 zinc-aluminum alloy single-strand wire rope twisting successf

May 9, by the Xianyang bomco Haimen branch responsible for the trial structure of the 1 × 184 zinc-aluminum alloy single strand wire rope twisting successful, the single wire rope nominal diameter of 73mm, length 300m, the company focused on trial products.
With the completion of trial production, Xianyang bomco company single wire rope production history of the new record also will be born, the diameter of 73mm single rope is Xianyang bomco company so far the largest number of steel wire production, the largest number of wire, the largest single wire rope, Single wire rope in the production process is of great significance.

The trial single strand rope for cable products, users of the twisting quality requirements, the diameter of 73.0mm to reach the company 84/630 twist equipment capacity cap, the production of difficult. Haimen branch of the difficulties, the organization of technical staff analysis equipment and tooling and other parameters, and the company's technology research and development centers and other departments to communicate, develop production plans, and in advance maintenance equipment, some personnel at the expense of 51 holiday, centralized branch of all forces trial production products The Finally, through the process of innovation process control and twisting method to solve the large-scale single-strand rope twisting process from the inner package, uneven surface cracks and other issues, after repeated debugging, to achieve large-scale single rope successful twist.

Haimen branch single rope from 1 × 61,1 × 91 until 1 × 184 trial production, showing a branch of single-strand rope production technology gradually mature, the accumulation of large-scale single-rope unique technical experience for the follow-up production of high-quality large-size Single stranded rope offers valuable experience. (Reproduced from  Guorui Lui)
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