Maintenance and maintenance of elevator wire rope

Learned in the elevator management there is such a misunderstanding: that the elevator only qualified, it is safe. In fact, the elevator in addition to the annual inspection, the frequent maintenance is also very important. The stainless steel wire rope as the main components carrying the weight of the elevator, is not negligible in the maintenance, the specific steps and methods, summarized as follows:

First, check
The condition of the elevator wire rope is directly related to the safety of the equipment and passengers, must pay enough attention, the work should be careful  inspection, the contents are:
1, the number of wire rope broken wire, the location and twist distance broken wire situation;
2, wire rope diameter thinning, in addition to visual outside the regular use of vernier caliper measurement of rope diameter and wear;
3, the tension of the elevator wire rope, the difference between the rope tension should not exceed 5%;
4, the rope of the lubrication, cleaning and corrosion;
5, rope and combination of the situation, the length of any other abnormal circumstances, such as the rope of the abnormal elongation changes;

Second, analysis
The main analysis of broken wire situation:
1, overload broken wire, fracture showed cup plastic shrinkage, this broken wire rare;
2, fatigue broken, fracture shape flush, caused by metal fatigue;
3, wear broken wire, fracture on both sides of the ramp was flat, fracture flat, wire rope with the traction wheel caused by friction between the slip;
4, rust broken wire, broken irregular, was brazing tip, due to serious corrosion;
5, cut broken wire, fracture was cut, hard pull or squeeze due;
6, twisted broken wire, fracture shape smooth, smooth, loose rope caused by kink caused by relaxation;

Third, scrapped and replaced
Scrap standards and replacement methods are as follows:
1, although the wire surface without any damage, but the number of broken wire to reach the corresponding figures should be scrapped;
2, wire surface wear or corrosion accounted for 30% of diameter, even if the number of broken wire is 0 should be scrapped ;
3, the percentage of surface wear has been reached, and the corresponding number of broken wire is not up to those who do not scrapped;
4, elevator steel wire rope should be scrapped when the shares;
5, the elevator wire rope diameter reduction of 10% should be scrapped;
6, the elevator wire rope surface serious corrosion, spots, linen and outer wire loose, must be replaced immediately;
7, replace the elevator wire rope, the same group of the elevator wire rope to be replaced;
8, if found that the internal lubricating oil is squeezed out like sweating phenomenon, said the elevator wire rope has reached the overload state, this phenomenon should be immediately checked to find out the reasons necessary to replace the new rope;
9, to keep the elevator wire rope clean, if found on the surface of sand and other dirt, the application of kerosene clean (prohibited with gasoline);
10, the wire diameter ranging from wire rope, broken wire number refers to the filament, a thick wire is equivalent to 1.7 thin steel wire;
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