Proper use of construction machinery wire rope

The use of wire rope should be attention: engineering machinery with wire rope, should be consistent with GBll02-1974 "round wire rope" standard, and must have product certification; wire rope in the reel, should be neatly arranged in order; When the wire rope is supported, it should be equipped with a balanced device for each wire rope. The lifting mechanism and the luffing mechanism shall not use the knitting wire rope. When using other methods to join the long wire rope, you must ensure that the joint connection strength is not less than 90% of the rope rope breaking force; lifting a high degree of crane, should adopt non-rotating, The use of other wire rope should be to prevent the rope and spreader rotation of the device and measures; when the hook is at the lowest point of the working position, the wire rope in the reel winding in addition to the number of fixed rope tail, must not less than two laps; Smelting or hot metal wire rope, should be used asbestos core and other high temperature wire rope.

The contact of the wire with the groove of the pulley and the spool causes the steel wire surface of the outer strands to wear into a flat surface. The friction between the strands and the wire can cause internal wear. Due to the environment and maintenance and other reasons caused by rough steel wire rust, dust and sand particles and lubrication defects, will make wear and corrosion intensified, resulting in reduced cross-sectional area of steel wire rope, the strength decreased.

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