How to choose a crane wire rope

Crane wire rope is a kind of rope in the lifting equipment, for its selection, is very important, related to the safety of life and property issues, we must be careful.

On the lifting equipment, several methods of  the correct choice of wire rope recommended :
1, lifting melting or hot metal wire rope, should be used asbestos core and other high temperature wire rope.
2, work in the open air, humidity, corrosion and other environments should be used galvanized steel wire rope.
3, around the pulley and  lifting equipment wire rope of lifting parts web agency, should be preferred wire contact wire rope. As the wire contact wire rope wire contact stress is small, wear small, good around, wire rope life is relatively long.
4, lifting large or lifting equipment wire rope multi-layer winding crane, should adopt non-rotation, no loose tendency of the right cross twist wire rope. This wire rope and the rope to reverse the trend of offsetting each other. Lifting heavy objects is not easy to rotate and loose.

The wire rope is a major component that is indispensable for hoisting machinery and lifting equipment  operations. It is widely used as a lifting rope, a variable rope, a traction rope and a hoisting rope. Whatever the purpose of the wire rope. If the use of improper type, the use of unreasonable methods, the lack of security checks, without attention to maintenance, more serious has reached the retirement also continue to use. There may be a major accident due to damage or breakage of the wire rope. Especially the use of wire rope electric hoist, but also pay attention to the selection of wire rope.

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