Safety operation specification of beam-carried crane

First, the beam-carried crane should be someone to drive, the driver should be professional training, familiar with the structure of the beam-carried crane characteristics and methods of operation, and after passing the certificate issued a certificate, only to allow driving.

Second, the driver work, just listen to the ground on the special staff command (and only one person command), but no matter who issued a parking signal should be stopped, to find out the situation and then drive.

Third, 900T hanging beam-carried crane should be timely maintenance and overhaul, at any time can lift box girder.

Fourth, the lifting of the driver must be safe training to ensure that the process of lifting the "people", "machine", "beam" security, non-compliance operation.

Fifth, before the lifting of safety investigation, to ensure that no security risks.

Six, box girder hanging, send, transport, storage, loading operations, must pay attention to safety, serious, sound, reliable, unified operation command.

Seven, the beam-carried crane  by the full-time driver drove, the weight is not allowed to exceed the provisions of the crane limit, in strict accordance with the equipment instructions to operate. In the hanging beam before the maintenance of a good crane and spreader and other lifting equipment, where the lifting brake failure, crane and spreader parts damage and damage to the rope (broken or twist) should be repaired after the lifting work.

Eight, in the lifting and falling process, should pay attention to the four winch and brake agencies to monitor, prevent wire rope jumping and brake failure. In the process of walking beam-carried crane should also pay attention to observe the operation of the road with or without damage to the tire of things, if it should be promptly ruled out. Walking road surface should be smooth.

Nine, in any case, is strictly prohibited to take the hook up and down, hanging heavy objects below the station is strictly prohibited.

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