About Us

Hunan Baoxian Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.
Main: BOMCO wire rope series, wire rope for Oil & Gas, wire rope for Construction, wire rope for Marine & Fishing, wire rope for Mining, wire rope for Crane & Industrial, high carbon steel wire, galvanized strand, stainless wire & stainless rope, and large-diameter rigging.
Transportation advantage: Hunan Baoxian Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. locates in the star city Changsha,nearby High Speed Rail, about 32 Kilometer away to Huanghua International Airport.
Quality advantage: We accumulated abundant design and manufacture technology of wire rope and sling,product quality reach top level in the world.
Technology advantage: We kept developing,research and innovation design and manufacture technology of wire rope. Also we successfully introduced and mastered advanced design and manufacture technology from Japan,Germany,Italia,American and Britain etc, invited internationally renowned experts in wire rope industry for technical exchange,thus to identify the up-to-date status of the technology. We established five professional steel wire rope R&D groups; they are R&D group of wire rope for oilfield service,R&D group of port machinery, R&D group of engineering machinery,R&D group of wire rope for coal and mining service,R&D group of wire rope sling. This helps us to develop wire ropes and slings for different purpose,replace the imported wire ropes with our products in some industry,and the quality is accepted by the customers.
Market advantage: Our wire rope products are being used widely in domestic oil fields in China; also the products are being widely used in high-end market such as port machinery, engineering machinery,cocal and mining ect. Meanwhile, wire ropes are exported to American,Canada,Russia,South American,Africa,Middle East, Central  Asia and Southeast Asia.
The advantage of tech and service: We have professional technology team consisting of hundreds of technicians,who periodically visit the customers in oil and gas fields, marine and port, coal and mining industry to carry out technical exchange, improve the products to well meet the customers practical requirement better, ensure the products always satisfy different application demands of customers.
Steel Wire Rope Certificates:
ISO 9001 : 2008 quality management system certificate for design and development and manufacture of wire rope.
License to use API Monogram on wire rope for oil field service.
License to use American Bureauof Shipping.
Certificate of works approval for wire rope by CSS.
Certificate os works approval for pressed aluminum alloy sling by CCS.
Certificate of works approval for casted wire rope sling by CCS.
MA certificate (safety mark certificate for mining industry of China).
National manufacture license of industrial products for wire rope products.

GB 8918
GB/T 20118
GB/T 20067
YB/T 5359
ISO 10425
JIS G 3525
JIS G 3546
Q/XG 2206
Q/XG 2207
GB/T 14737
ISO 3189/1
ISO 3189/2
ISO 3189/3
Quality Assurance System:
A,Strict selection of domestic high-quality hard-line to control the product quality : using domestic the best materials, such as Bomco Wire Rope Company and Shagang Group.
B,Perfect rod testing equipment: spectrometer, tensile testing machine, metallographic analyzer, high and low times metallographic analyzer.Testing for detection rod into the plant chemical costs, tissue properties and mechanical properties.
C,With perfect wire rope and wire rope testing equipment: medium and small tensile testing machine, torsion testing machine, bending test machine, steel strands-tension fatigue testing machine, wire bending fatigue testing machine, fatigue testing machine wire rope, wire rope pre-tensioning equipment, etc, we can test the the performance of wire rope.
D,Wire rope production process using the advanced North America, Germany  management models. Meanwhile, the introduction of technology also brings the foreign advanced production organization and management mode such as quality track record, pre-production equipment, tooling, mold and other inspection records, processing management.
E,Product organizational processes in according to GB/T19001 and APISPECQ1 for quality control.
F,Corresponding to each batch of steel wire rope in accordance with rigorous testing standards, including process and final inspection.
G,Approved by the American Petroleum Institute API Monogram. And had passed the ISO9000 certification.